Finishing Strong

There are only two weeks left in our spring 2020 semester, and my heart is longing for our usual end of the year activities and fellowship. We would never have imagined when we began classes in January, that this is how we would be ending in April– everyone isolated in their homes, rationing food and toilet paper, doing our best to stay connected AND safe and healthy! What an unbelievable turn of events!

I have been encouraged and blessed by many of your messages and posts, showing how much your children have enjoyed the Super Friday Online content. But, you know, I’ve also talked to parents who haven’t really even looked at the emails from Super Friday teachers..too busy doing other things inside their homes or out in their yards, or just spending time ‘chilling’ and enjoying NOT doing things. And that is A-OKAY! Please know that we at Home Run Ministries and Super Friday know that THIS is not what any of us signed up for! We also are aware that this pandemic has brought financial difficulties upon so many in our communities, including job loss, pay cuts, and unforeseen destruction of our carefully made budgets. We are working carefully and prayerfully to determine what kind of help we can give when registration opens for Fall 2020, including possible discounts or credits for those who were a part of Spring 2020. We may have to make adjustments to our program to accommodate the changes in all of our lives, but we don’t have enough clear information yet. We are still hoping to open registration in late May, and will have more details on what registration and tuition will look like as that time approaches.

In the meantime, please continue to PRAY for God’s grace and His will in all of these circumstances and for peace and strength for all of us as we watch the future unfold.

Now, let me share some JOY! Check out some of the awesome pictures of our students, doing what they do best and being SUPER!

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