Fall 2020 Registration Info

Super Friday Families,

Despite the current situation in our community and the world, we are doing our very best to continue our ministry of coming alongside homeschooling families with a fun and engaging extra-curricular program. You will receive an email with a document explaining our Tuition and Fees and another explaining our plans regarding possible situations due to the pandemic. Please read these documents carefully so that you can make informed decisions for your family.

As we prepare to register for fall semester, I want to be very up-front and clear about changes to our fee structures and deadlines and the reasons for those changes.

Early in spring 2020, before the onset of Covid-19, we had plans in place to increase our registration fees for Super Friday Fall 2020. Our registration fees have been unchanged for more than 5 years. These fees were much lower than the fees for other similar programs, and were no longer adequate to meet our program costs.  After much deliberation and number crunching, we have determined that we will follow through with our plan to increase registration fees for this upcoming semester. However, we wanted to give a discount to the families impacted by the loss of face to face classes during spring. For that reason, we will be allowing families who attended in spring 2020 to EARLY register for fall at the previous registration price. Please be aware that in order to receive this discount, you must register BEFORE we open to new families on June 5. Anyone registering on or after June 5 will be charged the new registration fee.

Secondly, we are implementing a $5 per student increase in tuition. This was NOT a planned increase, but is an unavoidable response to a recent increase in the rent that we are being charged for the facility. Woodridge Baptist Church is faced with increased costs due to the need for extra cleaning and disinfecting the church building each week, and therefore they are charging more for rent to cover these expenses.

Please know that we have not implemented these increases lightly or without much deliberation and prayer. We are very aware of the economic impact that almost all of our families are feeling and will continue to feel as the shutdown stretches on. We at Super Friday would NOT be increasing charges even a penny if we felt that we could do so and still continue to function as a ministry.

Because of the loss of in person class time during the spring, we are also offering the following discounts:

For every child who attended the Early Childhood program in Spring 2020, we will apply a $25 credit to that child’s tuition for Fall 2020. We know that EC students pay higher tuition and were impacted more by the transition to online.

For children enrolled in Beginning Fencing, Sportball, LEGO Robotics, Crazy for Cookies, or Nailed It! in Spring 2020, your child may reenroll in that same class in Fall 2020 for a reduced price, as listed below:

Beginning Fencing $40 instead of $65

Sportball $40 instead of $65

LEGO Robotics $30 instead of $50

Crazy for Cookies $15 instead of $25

Nailed it! $5 instead of $10

Thanks to the Lap-a-Thon and other fundraising efforts, we do have some scholarship funds available for those in need. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, you can find the application in the Documents tab on the website www.homerunministries.com. Applications should be submitted to Anne Trapani at annetrapani@homerunministries.com by June 30, 2020.

Schedule Preview of available classes will be up on the website beginning Wednesday, May 27. When you log into at www.homerunministries.com, click the green Schedule Preview button to see all available options. You will have a few days to look those over and discuss with your children before the stress of registration morning! 

If you have any questions, please email Dawn Pruyn at dawnpruyn@homerunministries.com.

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