April 2021- Please read!

Super Friday families,

This week, April 2, is a Super Friday HOLIDAY, due to Good Friday. Enjoy your day!

We return on April 9 for the remaining FOUR WEEKS of our spring semester. We are making a few changes and improvements to our pickup procedures. Please read the important info below!

If you have children in both Early Childhood (EC) and Older Childhood (OC) parts of our program, we will merge students for those families into ONE pickup line beginning April 9. Parents in this group will pick up all of their children in the EC line. The older siblings will receive a name tag for the next few weeks telling them where to go for End Of Day dismissal instead of their usual atrium group. Staff members will also assist them as they move to the EC pickup area.

IF YOU ARE PICKING UP OLDER AND EARLY CHILDREN, DO NOT GET INTO THE EC PICKUP LINE BEFORE 12:15. Older children are not dismissed from 3rd period until 12:10 and will not be available for pickup before 12:15.

Parents who have ONLY EC students may get into the EC pickup line at their usual time.

Parents who have ONLY OC students will use the OC pickup line at Entrance D as usual.

Parents who wish to walk up for pickup instead of driving up need to park their car (unless you walked from home :o) and walk up to entrance J (glass doors to the right of the gym). Do not enter the building, you will be met at the door by a staff member who will take the name of your student(s) and atrium #. They will get your child(ren) and bring them to the door to meet you. Please be aware that with two car lines moving through the parking lot, it is very important to be very cautious walking back to your car with your children. PARENTS OF EARLY CHILDHOOD STUDENTS MAY NOT WALK UP FOR PICKUP.

Here’s a little flowchart to help! (credit to Su Bahler :o)

One more reminder! As our Covid protocols state, all persons 10 and up entering, exiting, or moving through the halls should wear a mask or face covering. This applies to staff, parents, aides and students, unless there is a medical exemption. Once students and staff are seated and spaced in the classroom, they may remove their masks if they choose to do so. We will revisit our protocols after the end of the current semester and inform everyone of updated policies for fall semester before registration opens this summer. If you have any questions, please let me know. We are so thankful for all of your cooperation as we provide a safe Super Friday for everyone involved.

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

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