Week 4-no name tags!

We have had a smooth and FUN three weeks so far, thanks to everyone involved.

A few notes about this Friday…

No nametags from this week forward. If your child doesn’t know their schedule, you might want to write it down for them. Of course, we will always be glad to help if they get stuck.

Digismiles Portraits are this week, for those who choose to participate in that order. We will pull students from class throughout the day for photos in small groups so there is minimum time spent standing and waiting. Many of you dropped payments off last week, which is fine. If you have not made payment, please drop it off Friday morning. Don’t stick it in your child’s backpack, that doesn’t tend to work out well. :o)  Families are also welcome to bring in older or younger students who don’t attend Super Friday and take pictures if you wish. You can enter with your child in the morning and head to picture area or if you come in later in the day, just enter at Entrance K, we will show you the way and you can hop in the line.

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