Important Policy Review

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Super Friday Families,

I want to ask everyone to please read and review our Technology Policy with your children who attend Super Friday. We have had quite a few incidents in recent weeks, which makes me think that maybe some parents and students missed this important policy. Please be aware that this policy applies everywhere at Super Friday, from the time that they get out of your car in the morning until they are back in your car in the afternoon. This includes before class starts in the morning, between classes, during snack time and while waiting for pickup in the afternoon. Students who are using their internet-capable device with permission in a class may ONLY use it for that specific purpose. Otherwise, devices must be put away and turned off, according to the attached policy.

For many children (and adults), having a phone or other device in their bag is too much of a temptation to resist. If it is not essential, please consider having them leave it at home.

Also, please remind all students 7 and up (NOT Early Childhood) that they are required to be in the GYM for snacktime. Students are not allowed to be anywhere else in the building (other than the restroom and/or water fountain) during this breaktime, without permission from an administrator.

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

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