Super Friday Lap-a-Thon to benefit out Scholarship program is happening tomorrow at 12:45 (at the end of our SF day.)

WHY should you bother with this???

Benefits to your child:

  1. Kids love to run around the gym. This is verified true by all of the adults that are telling them not to run during snack time every Friday.
  2. Friendly competition is a lot of fun!
  3. Free popsicle after the lap-a-thon.
  4. A wonderful feeling of doing something to help others

Benefits to our program:

  1. Super Friday scholarship program helps financially struggling families every year to be able to send their children to Super Friday! We love to be able to help as many as we can, especially during these difficult economic times.
  2. All money collected from the lap-a-thon will go directly to the SF Scholarship program.

Benefits to Super Friday Mom and Dad:

  1. Extra exercise will burn off some of that endless child energy and make for a nice Friday afternoon quiet time.
  2. An extra hour and fifteen minutes of free childcare. Lapathon pick up line begins at 1:30pm. Can’t beat that value.

These are the participants I have signed up so far:

Calvin Aasen

Ames Arrington

Bella Audirsch

Caleb Audirsch

Lily Audirsch

Elliot Bahler

Carter Barker

Colt Barker

Charlotte Casiano

Josiah Chandler

Judah Chandler

Austin Cruise

Landon Cruise

Tristan Cruise

Lucas Eakin

Caylee Estrada

Madyson Estrada

Makenzie Estrada

Caleb Evans

Carter Evans

Olivia Hofstad

Sebastian Johnson

Levi Kendrick

Claire Lanier

Elliot Lanier

Anne Provasi de Lemos

Lexington Lichtie

Hailey Lipstreu

Cassidy Magill

Cecilia Miklius

Isabelle Miklius

Eva Penny

Jojo Penny

Xiomara Perez

Owen Pruyn

Nathan Pruyn

Kylee Richards

Grace Snyder

Stella Sutton

If your child is planning to participate and they are not on this list, please email me asap.

Pledge sign up form is attached here if you still need one. Remember, you do NOT have to turn these in tomorrow! You can continue to get pledges and collect money until the turn-in date on April 8. So, your child can run tomorrow even if you haven’t collected pledges yet (talking to myself here).

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

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