Fall 2022 Schedule Preview is LIVE!

If you are planning to register for our upcoming semester, make sure you log in this week and check out the Schedule Preview! You can look through the options and talk to your children about their choices so you are ready when registration is available.

Important things to note….

Early Childhood classes will be assigned on our end. You will just register your littles in the one “class” available to them based on their age as of Sept. 1, 2022. So if your child is 3, you will register them in Threes.

For older students, you can see which choices are available for which age group, as follows:

Early Elementary 7-8 years old

Upper Elementary 9-10 years old

JHigh 11-13 years old

If you have difficulty logging in, shoot me an email or text and I can help. Don’t wait until registration day. :o)

If you have an older student who took Leadership Training and you don’t know yet if they will will working/volunteering as an aide, go ahead and register them for classes. If we end up hiring them, we will refund any fees paid.

One of the awesome features of our new spot is the cart hold. When you add classes to your child’s schedule and submit the schedule, those classes will be HELD for 30 minutes. That gives you time to schedule other children and check out without fear of being bumped from those classes. YAY!!!

We will be testing and troubleshooting the new process over the next few days before registration officially opens. If you are previewing and you happen to see the option to actually add a class and register, DON’T DO IT. That just means that we are online testing, registration does not open until 8am on 6/24 for HRM staff, 8am on 6/27 for current SF families and 8am on 6/29 for new families. If you “accidentally” register before it is open, we will have to remove you from those classes. Sorry. :op

If you see any errors, glitches, or have questions, please let me know! You can text me at 225-324-7758 or email at dawnpruyn@homerunministries.com.

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