Registration Delayed

The good news is that we had so many people online to register at 8am yesterday, that our new site crashed! :o)

The bad news is that we need to move our site to a new server host to be able to accommodate the traffic that registration brings, and that will take a few days. I do NOT want registration to be hit or miss, with some people able to log on and choose classes and others locked out. So we are temporarily suspending registration until the website is moved and working properly. No worries, we have lots of time before we start back up on August 26!

We will announce the new registration dates and times as soon as possible. Info will be shared through email, Super Friday News and Home Run Ministries facebook pages, and Remind text group. Please be aware that about a third of the emails get bounced back by your servers, so keep an eye on facebook and texts to stay informed. If you have any questions, you can email or text me, I am happy to help!

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