New section of Spanish!

We have added a new section of Conversational Spanish & Culture to 1st period for Super Friday Fall 2021!  2nd and 3rd period sections of this class are full to the brim with waiting lists, so we wanted to make room for more students to enjoy this new class!

If your child is interested in taking this class, just log into your profile at, click Student Registration, then choose the correct child. You will need to drop (X) their current 1st period, then add the new choice. Don’t forget to SUBMIT CHANGES!

If you have any questions, please email or text me (225-324-7758), I am happy to help!

Don’t forget-1st payment due tomorrow!

July 1 is our first due date for Super Friday fall 2021 payment. If you are registered for fall, you can pay your total balance by July 1, or you may pay your balance in two installments: July 1 and August 14.

1st installment should include all class fees, supply fees, and unpaid registration fees, PLUS half of your tuition balance.

If you have not received an email with link to your invoice and payment, please contact

Have questions? Contact

Fall invoices are out!

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If you’ve registered for Fall 2021, you should have received an email with the subject line “Pledge #### from Home Run Ministries, Incorporated”. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your junk and spam mail. This email includes your detailed invoice for fall semester.

Here are some important things to know about your invoice! It includes:

Tuition total, broken down by type (EC, Elem, Junior High)

Discount (if you are on staff of HRM)

Class Fees

Supply Fees

If you were over-charged for your registration fee at the time of registration checkout, you should see that amount credited as a “Payment” at the bottom of the invoice.

If you were under-charged for your registration fee, you should see that amount added as an item on your invoice.

Families are, of course, welcome to pay their entire Balance Due by the first due date of July 1. However, if you wish to pay in two installments (1st due on July 1, 2nd due on August 14), your first installment should be calculated as follows:


2ND installment will consist of the remaining 2nd half of the tuition.

When you follow the link to Review and Pay, just edit the PAYMENT AMOUNT at the top of the page to your 1st installment amount, and the website will adjust. Please save the email with the link so that you can return by August 14 to make the balance payment. We will not send another email link, although I will send a reminder by email and text.

If you prefer to make your payments by credit card, please contact Carmen Keeton at so that she can add the credit card fee to your invoice for you. Payments made by secure ACH bank withdrawal do not charge a fee.

If your invoice contains any errors or if you have any questions, please contact me at right away. If you cannot find your invoice email in your Inbox or Junk Mail, please contact Carmen at

Finally, if you need an alternate payment plan, please contact Anne Trapani at

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn


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We are so excited about fall registration! So many families are returning after taking a “Covid Pause” and so many new families have joined our homeschooling community. We have added a few more sections of a couple of classes (It’s Greek to Me, Lego Innovations, Beginning Crochet and Speed Stacks) to help provide more class options and Stacey’s Dance Studio has also added Beginning Tap to give us another great dance class, so you may want to log into our website and look around to make sure that you have the best possible schedule for your kiddos! Feel free to add to waiting lists as well, we have schedules changing and spots opening up every day.

Invoices will be going out in the next week, so watch your email.

Questions? Suggestions? Let me know at

Schedule changes and additions!

We’ve made a few adjustments to our fall schedule and we’ve added some new options, including Crochet for Beginners, Crochet Projects, STEM Building Challenges, and Girls Bible Study with Prayer and Journaling. Check out the schedule preview before registration opens so you are ready.

Staff registration opens Wed, June 2 at 8:00am

Current family registration opens Friday, June 4 at 8:00am

New family registration opens Monday, June 7 at 8:00am.

Make sure you can login and are ready. Email any questions to Dawn Pruyn at

Fall 2021 Registration is coming soon!

Now that we have had a few weeks away from Super Friday, it is time to get ready for next semester! Please read the information here and on the attached documents and let me know if you have any questions.

Schedule Preview opens on on Monday, May 24. Check out the options for your children so you will be ready on registration day.

Students are classified as follows:

Early Childhood- 2-6 years old, based on their age on September 1, 2021

Early Elementary- 7-8 years old, based on their age on September 1, 2021

Upper Elementary- 9-10 years old, based on their age on September 1, 2021

JHigh- 11-13 years old, based on their age on September 1, 2021

Registration opens as follows:

Super Friday and Home Run Ministries Staff (including families of teen aides)- June 2 at 8:00am

Current families (including those who attended Spring 2020)- June 4 at 8:00am

New families (including families who have not attended since Fall 2019)- June 7 at 8:00am

We are increasing tuition $5 per student per semester for all students in order to cover increased rent for the our facility. Registration fees will remain the same as last semester. Please see the Tuition and Fees document for details, including due dates.

We are also adjusting our Covid protocols based on current recommendations. Please read the attached document carefully and contact me with any questions.

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars! Fall registration is coming soon!

Staff registration will open on June 2 at 8am
Current families registration will open on June 4 at 8am
New families registration will open on June 7 at 8am

Preview of classes will be available on the website beginning May 24, so check out the fun options for the upcoming semester.

Email questions to

Last Day!!

Super Friday Families!

We have arrived at the end of this spectacular semester. 

A few notes for tomorrow…. Lots of info regarding entrances and exits, please take time to read.

If your child has invited you to visit Super Friday for a class performance tomorrow, we are excited to welcome you! Masks are required for all adults or children 10 and up. If you are entering after morning drop off, please enter at Entrance D (where older students enter and are picked up each week). We will have staff ready to help you find the classroom you are visiting. 

If you are visiting for the Dance 101 performance at 10am, please enter at the Shelter, Entrance G

If you and your children are planning to attend the Chimes and CYT Musical Theater Performance at 1:00pm (Free performance, everyone is welcome!!), we ask that you exit the building by 12:15. We will open up the gym (Entrance J) at 12:55pm for the show, but parents and siblings will not be allowed to wait in the building. 

Carpool line will run as usual for both EC and OC students. If you are in the building for a 3rdperiod class visit, you may exit with your child at the end of the day, at Entrance D. Please be careful crossing the car line with children in the parking lot. 

Lost and Found will be at pickup area, please take a minute to look it over for any belongings. 

Finally, registration for Fall 2021 will open in early June! Watch your email inbox, Super Friday News on Facebook, or for details so you don’t miss out!

Thank you for a great spring and have a wonderful summer break!

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

April 2021- Please read!

Super Friday families,

This week, April 2, is a Super Friday HOLIDAY, due to Good Friday. Enjoy your day!

We return on April 9 for the remaining FOUR WEEKS of our spring semester. We are making a few changes and improvements to our pickup procedures. Please read the important info below!

If you have children in both Early Childhood (EC) and Older Childhood (OC) parts of our program, we will merge students for those families into ONE pickup line beginning April 9. Parents in this group will pick up all of their children in the EC line. The older siblings will receive a name tag for the next few weeks telling them where to go for End Of Day dismissal instead of their usual atrium group. Staff members will also assist them as they move to the EC pickup area.

IF YOU ARE PICKING UP OLDER AND EARLY CHILDREN, DO NOT GET INTO THE EC PICKUP LINE BEFORE 12:15. Older children are not dismissed from 3rd period until 12:10 and will not be available for pickup before 12:15.

Parents who have ONLY EC students may get into the EC pickup line at their usual time.

Parents who have ONLY OC students will use the OC pickup line at Entrance D as usual.

Parents who wish to walk up for pickup instead of driving up need to park their car (unless you walked from home :o) and walk up to entrance J (glass doors to the right of the gym). Do not enter the building, you will be met at the door by a staff member who will take the name of your student(s) and atrium #. They will get your child(ren) and bring them to the door to meet you. Please be aware that with two car lines moving through the parking lot, it is very important to be very cautious walking back to your car with your children. PARENTS OF EARLY CHILDHOOD STUDENTS MAY NOT WALK UP FOR PICKUP.

Here’s a little flowchart to help! (credit to Su Bahler :o)

One more reminder! As our Covid protocols state, all persons 10 and up entering, exiting, or moving through the halls should wear a mask or face covering. This applies to staff, parents, aides and students, unless there is a medical exemption. Once students and staff are seated and spaced in the classroom, they may remove their masks if they choose to do so. We will revisit our protocols after the end of the current semester and inform everyone of updated policies for fall semester before registration opens this summer. If you have any questions, please let me know. We are so thankful for all of your cooperation as we provide a safe Super Friday for everyone involved.

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

Spring dates and updates!

What a wonderful SUPER FRIDAY spring semester we are having, now that we have all thawed out from the crazy freeze! Just a few notes and reminders as we spring forward!

This coming Friday, March 19 is spring break, so we do NOT have Super Friday this week. I hope and pray that you and your families enjoy the beautiful warm weather and some time to relax. We return to Super Friday on March 26, then we will be off on April 2 for Good Friday. Then we’ve got the next four Fridays to finish off our semester.

Several of you have reached out with questions regarding Covid protocols. At Super Friday, we will complete our remaining 5 weeks following the policies and protocols already in place, as these are what we registered with. Governor Abbot and CDC both still recommend wearing masks when social distancing is not possible, so we will continue to require masks for everyone age 10 and up when entering, exiting and moving through the building, and when classroom activities do not allow for social distancing. We will also continue to disinfect and hand wash as much as possible to provide a safe and clean environment. We will certainly review and revise our policies over the summer break and have a new plan in place before registration for Fall 2021 opens.

I have also heard from several parents regarding pickup procedures at the end of the day. For the best possible safety and security of our students, we will continue to use the car pickup line moving forward. Overall, this is much more secure and efficient than having parents come in to pick up. However, we are going to make some tweaks to our system after spring break to help make everyone’s Friday pickup a little smoother and quicker. This will include letting parents of both EC and OC children pick up in ONE line and providing a separate pickup point for those who would prefer to park and walk up (or walk from home) rather than using the car line. We are working out the details, so watch your email in the next week!

We are so very thankful that we can gather together each week for Super Friday and for the cooperation of both staff and families that has made these two challenging semesters such a success! Enjoy your spring break. :o)