Final Payment due tomorrow!

Super Friday Families,

Final payment for Spring 2023 semester is due on Friday, January 6.

If you made full balance payment before the first due date (Dec. 16), then you are good! No need to do anything else at this time.

If you made partial payment for Dec. 16, or if you aren’t sure if you have a balance, please find the emailed invoice link (subject line PLEDGE #### FROM HOME RUN MINISTRIES, INCORPORATED, from quickbooks@notification.intuit.com, if you need to search for it) and follow the link to check your balance and payment history.

If you are unable to find your invoice email, contact carmenkeeton@homerunministries.com for a new one.

Failure to make payment may result in loss of class spots, so please don’t forget!!!

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

We are so excited!!

Spring semester will begin on Friday, January 20, and we just can’t wait to see all of you again!

There is so much information to share and email is so old school, I’m going to share all documents here, so no one misses out on all the helpful stuff!

Spring 2023 Registration is here!

Registration for Super Friday Spring 2023 for currently enrolled Home Run Ministries families will open Friday, December 2 at 8:00am sharp! Please read the attached documents carefully BEFORE Friday morning, so you are ready to register asap…classes fill quickly as we all know. Please don’t submit the form before that time, it will not be processed.

Here is a short video that I created to walk you through the registration process!

The link to the google form is in the Course Offerings Document, just click there when you are ready to register (not before 8am on Friday) and complete each step until you hit the Submit button. You will receive an invoice for registration fee within 48 hours of registration, and you will receive a schedule and invoice for tuition and fees within a week.

A few important notes:

  • Remember that age on the form is age ON SEPT 1, 2022.
  • Students choosing classes need to click 3 options for all 3 classes.
  • If you have a student who is 14 or older who wishes to only take Leadership Training, you do not need to click any other choices.
  • If you have a child who wishes to take the 2-period Intermediate Jewelry Making class, click that as your first choice for first period. You should still put 2nd and 3rd choices for first period and put all 3 choices for 2nd period. I will only use those options if Int. Jewelry is full.
  • If your child’s choices are all full, I will reach out by text with available options so we can complete their schedule.

Registration for new families or returning families not registered at SF or HRM in fall 2022 will open on Monday, December 5, at 8:00am, so if you pass this link along, please let them know!

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

ISO Duct Tape Warfare teacher

As many of you know, Duct Tape Warfare has been such a bit HIT at Super Friday for many years, which has resulted in long waitlists and sad kiddos! We would like to double up and add three more sections of this super fun class for our spring semester, so we can accomodate all of our prospective DT warriors. We are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic adult (18+) or a parent/teen team to help make this happen. We can provide a terrific, capable teen aide who has worked in the class for several semesters to show you the ropes and help you lead this simple but engaging class. Interested? Contact dawnpruyn@homerunministries.com for an application.

Super Friday Last Day of Fall Semester

The end of Fall semester is finally upon us! Just a few reminders to make the day memorable and smooth…

Photo by Kadri Vu00f5sumu00e4e on Pexels.com

If you are bringing breakfast treats for the staff, you can drop them off at Entrance K (to the right of the gym) anytime between 8 and 8:30. After 8:30, just bring them in with your kiddos at Entrance D.

Many of our classes are having performances or showcases, so if you are staying on campus, you must get a name tag at Entrance K. If you are entering after 9am, please come to Entrance K.

Our Musical Theater classes Friday Playhouse and Friday Players, along with Poetry on Parade, will be performing in the gym beginning at 1:30pm. This is going to be a terrific show, these kids have worked so hard and are ready to show off their skills. The performance is free and open to all!

All students NOT involved in the afternoon performances must be picked up in carline as usual. We will open Entrance K at 1:15 to allow everyone back in to get seated in the gym, but parents and students not on staff are not allowed in the building in the interim.

Thank you all for being a part of the Super Friday Family in 2022!

Spring 2023 Registration Information!

Home Run Ministries and Super Friday staff families- 8:00am November 30, 2022

Current families (enrolled at SF/HRM Fall 2022)- 8:00am December 2, 2022

New families- 8:00am December 5, 2022

Registration this semester will be conducted by Google Form. Link to the form and Class Offerings document will be sent out to current families by email and will be posted on www.superfridaynews.com and on our Facebook page, Super Friday News. If you’d like to receive the link by email but are not a currently enrolled family, just email me at dawnpruyn@homerunministries.com to be added to the list. The list of Class Offerings will be available on or before November 28, so you can plan ahead for the big day!

If you have any questions, email me at dawnpruyn@homerunministries.com.

Digismiles Portrait Day!


Also, don’t forget this week is CRAZY SOCK DAY!

We are blessed once again to have Digismiles coming to Super Friday to take student portraits for purchase. If you’re interested in purchasing a print package or digital files, please fill out the google form linked below BEFORE NOON on Thursday, October 27. Organizing this event during a busy Super Friday takes planning and preparation, so no late forms will be accepted.

Payment should be brought to Super Friday ON PORTRAIT DAY at drop off. Cash or checks made out to Digismiles Photography, labeled with your name. Prices include local and state tax. Photos will only be taken if payment is received before 9am on October 28.

If you purchase a print or digital package, your child’s photo will also be provided to the Lighthouse Yearbook for this year’s publication, unless you request otherwise.

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

Google Form submission REQUIRED before noon on 10/27/2022— https://forms.gle/WmQ8UaSPjoowjCYK8

Package A – $40

1 – 8×10

1 – 5×7

4 – wallets

Package B – $35

1 – 8×10

2 – 4×6

Package C – $35

2 – 5×7

2 – 4×6

Package D – $25

High resolution digital

image emailed to you.

You can print and use

how you like.

E – Family Special $55

3 children or more? High resolution digital image

emailed to you. You can print and use how you like.

All children must be from the same household.

A la Carte

1 – 8×10 $25.00 4 – 4×6 $25.00

2 – 5×7 $25.00 8 – Wallets $25.00

Registration Update– Please read!!

I am sorry to report that at this time we are unable to reliably use the website for registration. We are not willing to take a chance of lags, glitches and crashes that would be unfair and frustrating for our families, considering the competitive nature of registering for many popular classes. But, the show must go on and registration must occur! In the true IMPROVISE, ADAPT AND OVERCOME style that we homeschoolers are famous for, we have devised a plan that we think will be both friendly and fair for you, our beloved families.

 Fall 2022 registration will take place using a Google Form, beginning Friday, July 8 at 8am for current families. While this is obviously not ideal and it may seem a little “old school,” we have determined this to be the fairest way to move forward for fall registration. (Staff families who have already registered do NOT need to register again!)

 What you need to do:

  • For children age 7-13 as of 9/1/22, you will need to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for EACH of the 3 class periods. So you need to plan their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for FIRST PERIOD; 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for SECOND PERIOD,  and 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for THIRD PERIOD, in order of preference.
  • For Early Childhood (age 2-6 as of 9/1/22), you will only choose the one class based on your child’s age as of 9/1/22.

On Friday 7/8, at 8am (new families may register beginning Monday, 7/11 at 8:00am), follow this link Fall 2022 Registration Form to access the google form. Complete and submit a form for EACH child that you are registering.  (Remember you need 1st, 2nd, and 3rd options for each class).  When you hit submit, a time stamp will be documented on each form. I will process registration, fill classes and create waiting lists based on those time stamps. Partial forms will not be processed, so please complete all questions before submitting.

  •    Once your registration is completed and processed, you will receive an invoice and must pay registration fees by MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY, JULY 10. 

 The big downside of this process is that you cannot see in real time when classes are full or available, which is why you must submit 3 choices for each period. Parents of several children may want to prioritize the order in which you register based on their class choices. Popular classes that generally fill up quickly include Duct Tape Warfare, Physical Education, Creating with Perler Beads, and Lego Robotics.  I will then get to play a crazy game of Tetris and create the best possible schedule for each child! If all 3 of your child’s choices are unavailable, then I will call or text you to figure out what they want based on availability at that time. If a class your child chooses is full and you do NOT have 2nd and 3rd ranked choices, your registration will be moved to the end of the stack, regardless of time stamps.  You will receive an email with your child’s schedule once it is processed.

 The second downside is that registration fees will not be paid through the website. Once your child’s registration is processed (Friday or Saturday, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise!), you will receive an invoice with a link to pay your family’s registration fee. FEES MUST BE PAID BY MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY, JULY 10 IN ORDER TO HOLD YOUR CHILD’S SCHEDULE AND CLASS SPOTS. Monday morning we will open to new families. We are working to have a fully functioning registration website for spring 2023. In the meantime, please know that we are doing our very best! If you have ANY questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to email or text me.

In His Grace,

Dawn Pruyn

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Registration Delayed

The good news is that we had so many people online to register at 8am yesterday, that our new site crashed! :o)

The bad news is that we need to move our site to a new server host to be able to accommodate the traffic that registration brings, and that will take a few days. I do NOT want registration to be hit or miss, with some people able to log on and choose classes and others locked out. So we are temporarily suspending registration until the website is moved and working properly. No worries, we have lots of time before we start back up on August 26!

We will announce the new registration dates and times as soon as possible. Info will be shared through email, Super Friday News and Home Run Ministries facebook pages, and Remind text group. Please be aware that about a third of the emails get bounced back by your servers, so keep an eye on facebook and texts to stay informed. If you have any questions, you can email or text me, I am happy to help!

Fall 2022 Schedule Preview is LIVE!

If you are planning to register for our upcoming semester, make sure you log in this week and check out the Schedule Preview! You can look through the options and talk to your children about their choices so you are ready when registration is available.

Important things to note….

Early Childhood classes will be assigned on our end. You will just register your littles in the one “class” available to them based on their age as of Sept. 1, 2022. So if your child is 3, you will register them in Threes.

For older students, you can see which choices are available for which age group, as follows:

Early Elementary 7-8 years old

Upper Elementary 9-10 years old

JHigh 11-13 years old

If you have difficulty logging in, shoot me an email or text and I can help. Don’t wait until registration day. :o)

If you have an older student who took Leadership Training and you don’t know yet if they will will working/volunteering as an aide, go ahead and register them for classes. If we end up hiring them, we will refund any fees paid.

One of the awesome features of our new spot is the cart hold. When you add classes to your child’s schedule and submit the schedule, those classes will be HELD for 30 minutes. That gives you time to schedule other children and check out without fear of being bumped from those classes. YAY!!!

We will be testing and troubleshooting the new process over the next few days before registration officially opens. If you are previewing and you happen to see the option to actually add a class and register, DON’T DO IT. That just means that we are online testing, registration does not open until 8am on 6/24 for HRM staff, 8am on 6/27 for current SF families and 8am on 6/29 for new families. If you “accidentally” register before it is open, we will have to remove you from those classes. Sorry. :op

If you see any errors, glitches, or have questions, please let me know! You can text me at 225-324-7758 or email at dawnpruyn@homerunministries.com.